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Oh, hello there, nice to see you again. Come close, I have some things to tell you, stories both mordant and morbid, and songs of hope and disaster. I will whisper into your trusting ear, or maybe scream in your face.
I'm a writer of strange performances and performer of mysterious writings. But alas, I must confess, it is all lies. Yet I aspire to lie gracefully, so where you decline me in trust, please indulge me with sympathy. Say to me, "I do not trust you, good idiot, but I sympathize with you." I will appreciate that, and it will be just enough for me to move on to the next performance. I have many theories about love, death and the future (where memories go to die). I have many songs and dances to accompany these theories. I am - above all else - a song and dance man of the avant-vaude.

I have told my lies and moved my fragile hands in many places as the founder and artistic director of Psychic Readings Co, a performance group that has entertained, frightened and confused audiences with their interdisciplinary hysterics since 1999.

It's always nice to see you. Take care. Keep in touch. I'm going now.